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V & A

V & A is a rich blend of the finest fruity aroma that gives a smooth fulfilling taste, which is unsurpassed in its class.
$8.00 Price

Uganda Waragi

Uganda Wagari is a rich blend of the finest fruity aroma that gives a smooth fulfilling taste, which is unsurpassed in its class.
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$9.00 Price

Chivas Regal

Nice straw gold; nice edge line on glass when swirled; smooth layer (absolutely even, no legs). Toffee, orange, floral notes, lots of dark fruit. Medium weight mouthfeel. Orange honey, dark fruits, toffee, alkali tang. Lingering, warm finish.

$65.00 Price
Bailey Irish Cream Uganda Bailey Irish Cream
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Bailey Irish Cream

Each bottle of Baileys is 50% fresh cream and has been combined with a triple distilled Irish Whiskey.

$39.00 Price


A liqueur made from cream blended with the fermented fruit of Africa's Marula trees, said to be an elephant's favorite treat. The flavor is very reminiscent of butterscotch candies and would be great added to coffee or mixed with rum with a light dusting of cinnamon or cocoa.

$30.00 Price

Hardy's Nottage Hill Shiraz

One of the few grapes to really be a global success. Syrah combines a meaty core of ripe berry fruit with tones that range from herbal to peppery in a package that tends to be medium bodied with good acidity and softer tannins. With age the wines can gain lovely leathery and black olive notes that make them a great match for savory and gamy dishes.

$19.00 Price

Nederburg Pinotage

Pinotage, a cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault, is considered to be one of the classic grapes from South Africa. It can produce a very distinctive wine with a hint of rubber on the nose that leads to a rather fruity palate with notes of banana, plum and cherry. While the grape is high in tannins, the wine is produced in a broad range of styles.
$20.00 Price

Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker Red Label, with its distinctive and exuberant flavour was created to be drunk as a long drink - a favourite choice for celebrating every day. It was originally known as Extra Special Old Highland Whisky, and was introduced as Red Label in 1909 to suit a new generation of whisky drinkers.

$36.00 Price

Johnnie Walker Black Label

The Johnnie Walker Black Label blends several whiskies that have all been aged at least 12 years. Blended whiskies can also contain grain alcohol, however, Johnnie Walker does not use any other alcohol other than single malts often. It’s premium label, Blue, only uses single malts aged from 25 to over 60 years

$67.00 Price

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

This is one of those spirits that either gets rave reviews or boo's and hisses. Some people think that the price point of Blue Label is a rip off, while others see that it represents something more than just the liquid in the bottle. It is true that Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a blended scotch, which automatically nix's this spirit from single malt snobs list of drinkable scotch.

$345.00 Price

Absolute blue vodka

The world's best-selling vodka, Absolut is a Swedish institution and its stylish, innovative marketing campaigns are legendary. Famed for its purity, Absolut has been producing quality vodka since 1879.

$33.00 Price

KWV- Merlot

Leafy green edge to the blackcurrant fruit nose, which is quite nicely poised. The palate is quite rich with herby, leafy edged fruit and good acidity. Nicely balanced - quite a Bordeaux-like style, and showing good varietal character.

$25.00 Price

B & G Cotes-du-Rhone

Tasting notes

Cherry red colour. Rich and complex nose (morello cherry, spice, tobacco). Concentrated wine, well structured with spicy and black fruit flavours.

$29.00 Price

Durbanvile Hills Merlot

Veritas 2007 - Bronze 2007 International Wine Challenge – Commended Colour: Dark ruby with purple edges. Bouquet: Strawberries and plums with dark chocolate and sweet berries. Taste: Soft entry, medium-bodied with richly concentrated fruit flavours on the palate complemented by tastes of prunes.

$39.00 Price

DurbanVille Hills Chardonnay

Tasting note: Golden yellow with green specs in colour. Dried peaches, apricot, citrus and vanilla notes on the nose. A soft entry, easy drinking wine with a crisp acidity

$33.00 Price

D & G Chablis

The age on a bottle of is the age of the youngest whisky in the blend, Simply the best, try it and you will never regret

$34.00 Price

Martel V.S.O.P

A skillful blend of grapes from the Grande and Petit Champagne areas provide vigor, finesse and length. Color: Golden amber Nose: Light grape, some wood, a touch of vanilla.

$110.00 Price

Remy Martin V.S.O.P 1 Ltr

Remy Martin V.S.O.P Cognac All the worlds Cognacs wish they were Remy Martins Fine Champagne Cognac VSOP and all the worlds drinkers wish they were drinking it! Aged in the finest Limousin oak, giving it a golden yellow amber colour, it has the palate of apricot, peach and hazelnut combined with vanilla and rose aromas.

$115.00 Price
KWV-Pinotage KWV-Pinotage
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KWV Classic Pinotage has the full aroma of raspberry and plum. On the palate it has an initial sharpness, which slowly fades to give deep fruit flavours of raspberry, redcurrant and a hint of gooseberry. Although the grape is Pinotage, the variety is clearly fresh and lively, the flavours always tingling in the mouth through to the finish.

$25.00 Price
Bordeaux Blanc Bordeaux Blanc
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Bordeaux Blanc

The grapes of White Bordeaux include Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle. Bordeaux is where Sauvignon Blanc originated and it’s very old. In fact, it is older than carbernet sauvignon, a genetic cross of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Franc that occured sometime during the 1600′s.

$25.00 Price
Chemin Des Papes cotes Chemin Des Papes cotes
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Chemin Des Papes cotes

A delicious blend of Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre, soft and juicy red berry fruit flavours are enhanced by spicy notes. Finishing dry and long for a wine of this price, it's a perfect match for your favourite BBQ meats.

$22.00 Price
Calvet Reserve Merlot Sabernet Sauvignon bordeaux Calvet Reserve Merlot Sabernet Sauvignon bordeaux
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Calvet Reserve Merlot-Cabernet-Sauvignon-bordeaux-

Bright ruby/red; aromas and flavours are bursting with cassis, plummy fruit and earthy undertones; dry, med-bodied, with ripe fruit supported by moderate tannins, balanced acidity and a vanilla/oaky backbone; light coffee/smoke on finish; good length.

$23.00 Price
Chardonnay Sparkling Wine Chardonnay Sparkling Wine
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Chardonnay Sparkling Wine

This fine Hungarian sparkling wine from vintage of 2007 is made using the Methode Traditionelle, in which the secondary fermentation of producing a sparkling wine bubbles occurs in the bottle. Blanc de blancs made from 100% Chardonnay. Full-bodied, lively, fresh, and strong and the finish is long and lingering. Its lively mouth feel and crisp finish make it the ultimate celebratory wine.

$25.00 Price

El Emperador chardonnay Chile

Pure, very pale yellow with the green shade. The whole wine with notes of a lemon and grapefruit, white colors, pineapple, tropical and dry fruit, slightly wood flavor. Fine wine, ideal to seafood, to fried fish and white meat.

$17.00 Price
Roberts Rock Roberts Rock
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Roberts Rock

This wine has a lively, greenish tint. The nose is enticing with guava scents giving way to tropical aromas and a subtle vanilla finish. The mouthfeel is complex and the aftertaste is lingering.

$21.00 Price