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Order beautiful flowering plants to celebrate special occasion. From stunning hplants to classic peace lilies, plants are a unique gift.Flowers plants for your Home & Garden,

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White Orchid Stem

A perfectly compact round design dating back to the 13th century, using either one variety or a mix of tightly packed flowers. This is a popular choice for brides who want to create the style of a traditional wedding day. Orchid Uganda

$130.00 Price

Purple Orchid

Not dissimilar to the shower/cascade bridal bouquet, the teardrop bouquet is a more robust arrangement of flowers with a rounded top and pointed at the bottom, often backed with large foliage such as aspidistra leaves. Orchids Uganda

$113.00 Price

Hearts Warming Orchid Plant

Warm their heart and bring joy to their day with this exquisite orchid plant! Known as a Miltonia orchid, this plant is flushed with the color of its magnificent blooms and is beautifully planted in a designer ceramic embossed container, making a simple statement of refined elegance. A perfect gift to give the special people in your life an extra boost of love

$69.00 Price

Peace & Serenity Planter

The Peace Lily plant extends white blossoms like candles above its glossy, dark green leaves. it's the perfect expression of your sympathy with peace and hope for the days ahead.

$35.00 Price

Terracotta Garden

A striking assortment of four live plants makes this terracotta garden very appealing. The perfect choice for any day of the year.  Plants may vary

$124.58 Price

Lucky Bamboo

Bring a little luck into your home - or the home or workplace of a friend, family member or business associate – with a tasteful display of lucky bamboo stalks, created especially to attract wealth, prosperity and good fortune.
$89.90 Price

White Garden Kampala

Whether at the office or in their home, our garden dish, filled with an artful display of white-on-green plants, will be an everlasting reminder of your thoughtfulness.

$59.90 Price

Azalea Attraction Garden Basket

What do you get when you send a country wicker basket overflowing with hot pink azaleas and a mix of rich green plants? Instant attraction, of course. Surprise someone today.

$74.95 Price

Classic Dish Garden

Fresh green plants are used to create our classic dish garden. Echoing a time-honored tradition that began centuries ago in Asia, this rich garden of greenery is an exquisite gift that adds unique style.

$190.00 Price