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Double Cheese Burger

Of Irish origin, the Double Cheese burger will never dissappoint!

Chicken or beef, Double cheese burger rocks your mouth!

$6.25 Price

Triple Beef Burger

The Tripple Beef Burger turns eyes and heads in Kampala. Feed a loved one's hungry stomach today and you will not regret it!

$5.75 Price

Triple Cheese Burger

Tall and delicious to the eyes even before it gets to the mouth, the tripple cheese( beef or chicken) beats all;

$8.25 Price

Beef Burger Combo

Salads, french fries, sliced onions and a slice of beef tucked between warm bread! Now that is food!

$6.20 Price

Chicken Burger Combo

With a drink or soda of your choice, to down your delicious burger; the chicken burger ( double or tripple) will melt your heart. Do not forget to ask for salads!

$7.30 Price